Saturday, September 23, 2017
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Work to remove 4500m3 Waioeka Gorge slip

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Work to remove the slip on State Highway 2, between Opotiki and Gisborne, is well underway with several trucks clearing the debris at both ends.

About 1000m3 of debris fell across both lanes on Friday afternoon at the midway point of the Waioeka Gorge, but a further 3500m3 has come down since then.

Trucks and heavy machinery were used onsite today on both sides of the slip when weather allowed.

Engineers have also been assessing the cause of the slip and will return again tomorrow. It’s an active slip so caution is needed while managing the site.

The NZ Transport Agency’s Regional Director Parekawhia McLean says the volume of material and the extra rock removal that is required may mean the road cannot be safely opened until Thursday.

“All available resources will be used to get the road open as quickly as possible.

“People can use State Highway 35 as an alternative route but this will add a considerable amount of time to a journey so allow extra time.”

Opotiki District Council and Gisborne District Council have closed the old Motu Road so it is not available as a detour.

People can check the road conditions by calling 0800 4 HIGHWAYS/0800 44 44 49, using our website or following us on Facebook and Twitter (@NZTAWaiBOP).

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Posted on 23-07-2017 10:33 | By Capt_Kaveman

hope they are using this opportunity to fill the bends and straighten the road
golly gosh something had to give

Posted on 10-07-2017 19:19 | By old trucker

Well another one, you need big gear in there to get this done, A BIG DIGGER and Moxies to turn around there,ordinary trucks cannot take 30 ton, like a Moxy can do 3 loads in one, this stuff would not be heavy so could probably take 35ton in a load, ive done approx 2,000 loads in one of these moxies, another EG 49,00 tons of Overburden with 7 dumpers (140 -150 ton per load on a 12 hr shift, a load every 4 mins,.my thoughts only on this, Thankyou Sunlive,10-4 out.
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