Saturday, September 23, 2017
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Wrecked car creates hazard for cyclists

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A written-off car could cause further accidents to people using the cycle lane on Cameron Road.

The car, which is believed to have been in a previous crash, has been sitting on the western part of Cameron Road adjacent to the hospital for many weeks, becoming a hazard to cyclists.

“I’m quite disgusted that it has been there for so long, but it has now reached the stage where it is a danger,” says a regular user of the road.

He says he has driven past the car many times over three weeks and every time he sees it, it looks worse and worse.

The car was originally to the side of the road, but due to the car having its wheels stripped, the car has been pushed sideways.

“It’s been there so long that people have jacked the car up, taken the wheels off of it, and in jacking it up, it looks to me like, it has fallen off the jack that’s why the rear of the car is now blocking the lane.”

“I rang the Tauranga City Council 8 or 9 days ago and told them, but nothing else has happened, it’s just sitting there.”

He says he hopes the car is moved before a serious accident occurs between a cyclist and a car.

Comments on SunLive

it may have

Posted on 11-07-2017 19:00 | By astex

Warranty and rego but obviously the Insurance was missing or the insurance would have covered the removal. About time we had compulsory insurance like most civilized countries.
Where are the owners?????

Posted on 11-07-2017 12:28 | By Bestlife

Why should our rates or Police funding go to removing this car, when the car owners have been involved in the problem? Surely they are the ones who should remove it. And if they had done that sooner, the car would have been in better condition . It doesn’t take three weeks to shift a car.
Where are the owners?

Posted on 11-07-2017 08:18 | By simple.really

If the car was registered and had a WOF then why did the owner not take some accountability and have it removed? Must have accrued a lot of parking fines by now! Crazy in this day and age that we ecpect others like the Police and TCC to clean up after ourselves.
Lowdown rats

Posted on 10-07-2017 23:25 | By davidt5

Each day more parts of this car are being stolen by the local lowlifes. Unfortunately the local lowlifes are completely devoid of any moral fibre. They seize the opportunity when the car has been disabled and then swoop like vulchers on to any parts which does not trouble their conscience when they steal that part. Pity the Police do not use their forrensci skill to identify these scum and get them locked up.

Posted on 10-07-2017 22:49 | By The Caveman

The TCC has no incentive to remove such vehicles from the roadside. They just hope that - you the public - will strip it down to nothing - and then it will rust away !! Sorry, NO WHEELS, get a wrecker truck in and get it removed NOW. If it was outside the Mayors house, would it still be there - YES ! YEAH RIGHT !!!

Posted on 10-07-2017 21:06 | By penguin

...council needs to heed health and safety legislation or face the prospect of prosecution.
3rd. World?

Posted on 10-07-2017 19:30 | By myview

Hey folks I know there is some stupid bylaw that states this wreck has to be left in place for 3 weeks or so until claimed or something to that effect, but to me this car should have been moved ASAP. Lets have a law change, God how I hate these PC over regulated systems we live by.

Posted on 10-07-2017 17:21 | By Raewyn

This car was in an accident and was warranted and registered so it was the responsibility of the Police to have it removed but as no action was taken by them the Council had it removed!
How wide

Posted on 10-07-2017 16:54 | By GreertonCynic

is ur bike? Blocking the cycleway? There are people who can’t park that well with wheels on their car.
Wrecked Car

Posted on 10-07-2017 16:11 | By sangrae

I have rung the council twice re this car over the last two weeks and nothing has been done . Why cant they just ring Rowe Motors and have it towed ? To Bl---y Pc.
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