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Rare vehicles wanted

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The Motor Trade Association is celebrating 100 years by hosting its largest ever motoring event on Wellington’s waterfront next April – and its calling on New Zealand’s most spectacular and diverse vehicles to enter a public exhibition.

Wellington’s waterfront will host its biggest motoring event next April.

Established in 1917, MTA has developed from a small organisation to become the largest automotive industry body in NZ, representing more than 4000 automotive businesses and acting as a strong advocate for motorists. Now it’s organising the country’s most comprehensive and creative motor show for people to see and hear about the latest and the greatest cars ever made.

Everything from the early crank handle models to autonomous cars emerging onto Kiwi markets will be on display from April 28-30, 2017.

But the MTA needs car owners to bring their beloved four wheels to the momentous occasion and is searching for NZ’s most spectacular, diverse and eclectic vehicles.
On Saturday, April 29, 2017, the MTA event will spread across Wellington’s waterfront with cars displayed both indoors and outdoors across three jaw-dropping exhibitions.

The Vehicles Exhibition will have the top 100 rarest, greatest and most life-changing vehicles from throughout NZ.

A Futures Expo will show the absolute latest in cars, concept models, new and imagined technology.

And a Public Showcase will be a carefully selected mix of about 300 classic, historic and iconic cars treasured by their owners and admired by car-lovers.

The MTA wants to hear from any car-lovers keen to bring their special vehicle to Wellington as part of the MTA100. In order to select the vehicles for display, MTA needs to hear from you by September 1, 2016.

They are choosing the best 300-400 vehicles. Categories for display are:

• Rare, weird and wonderful vehicles
• Vehicles that pre-date 1950.
• Pick-up trucks, vans and utility vehicles
• Military road vehicles, civil defence and emergency vehicles
• Motorbikes, trikes and oddball three-wheelers
• Racing cars and high performance vehicles
• Muscle cars, hot rods and ‘dream’ cars
• Classic, iconic and trendsetter vehicles

If you have a vehicle that is really terrific, email: or phone 04 381 8836.

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