You had me at Sel...

            Under the microscope this week is the very popular Kia Seltos. Out on our roads it seems like there is one around... read more

Simple exceptional

Baleno; translated from Italian it means a ‘flash of lightning' which is exactly what the Autumn Orange Suzuki Baleno I drove would look like as... read more

Reaching new heights

Boy it's nice to be sitting in a sporty hatch back. It's the first time for a wee while after a tour around some of the SUV's and compact cars on offer.... read more

Style and flair

It's not just fashion, food and wine that the French do well. In recent times they've made pretty good cars, and lately they've made an exceptional one.... read more

Kia with the trimmings

  Everyone knows there is no such thing as a free lunch so when you get a really good feed for just a few bucks, it feels like you've won the lottery.... read more

A car for the people

It is not often the base model of any particular brand that gets all the attention. But that's exactly what's going on with the Kia Seltos. The jaw dropper... read more