Speeding in wet 'Russian roulette'

For Waikato Police the math is simple: speeding drivers plus wet conditions equals horrific crashes waiting to happen.

Police are pleading with motorists to drive to the conditions, especially in wet weather, as they are the ones left to clean up after vehicle crashes.

Waikato police are pleading with motorists to drive to the conditions so they arrive at their destinations in one piece. Photo: File

Yesterday’s bus crash in Thames involving 50 Auckland secondary school students was just one of a number of road incidents that have left police concerned.

District Road Policing Manager Inspector Freda Grace says investigators are working to establish what caused the Kauaeranga Valley Rd crash, which happened in wet conditions.

In the meanwhile police are reviewing speeds at which vehicles were travelling at over the weekend, she says.

“On Sunday our officers stopped a bus travelling at 107km/h, conditions were wet and blustery and far from ideal for a vehicle carrying passengers to be travelling at.

“On the same day a motor-cycle ride was suspended after being stopped on State Highway 3 travelling at 143km/h.”

Freda says to find someone riding at that speed given the weekend’s weather conditions and a week after a speed related motorcycle fatality outside of Cambridge was disappointing.

The motorcycle in question also had no warrant of fitness and was unregistered.

It was the same scenario when police checked a car and trailer on Saturday travelling at 111km/h, 20km/h over the legal speed limit.

“It wasn’t just on the main highways where people decided to put their and the lives of others at risk.

“Speeds recorded on SH26 and SH27 on Saturday included cars travelling at 120,126, 128,129 and 130km/h.

“The conditions over the weekend mean those drivers were playing Russian roulette.”

Freda says it wasn’t just Police fed up with poor driving behaviour with the public making their feelings known as well.

Over the weekend police received 151 driver complaints which resulted in the arrest of 12 motorists for a variety of driving offences.

The message from the general motoring public is clear, drive to the conditions which include not only the weather but the road and your experience, says Freda.

“100km/h is a limit not a target and those people who chose to exceed posted speed limits can expect to find us, or a member of the public phoning *555, anywhere and at any time.”


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