Hijinks on the highway

Tauranga local Tony Breeds has seen the old saying ‘one person’s misfortune is another’s gain’ first hand, after a kayak fell off the back of a SUV and was carted away by another motorist.

Tony was travelling north behind a SUV towing four kayaks along Takitimu Drive near the Judea onramp at 10.30am today. When one of the kayaks came off the trailer.

Takitimu Drive near were the incident happen. Photo: Google Maps.

“The driver didn’t even notice it come off the trailer and just kept going.”

The kayak landed in front of a truck travelling north in the right-hand lane. However the truck driver avoided hitting the kayak. Both Tony and the truck driver pulled over, turned on their hazard lights and attempted to remove the hazard.

“I carried one end the driver carried the other end and we had to cross two busy lanes so we could put it safely down on the verge.”

Both men managed to do the task without incident and returned safely to their vehicles. As they were about to leave, Tony witnessed another ute pull over and the driver jumped out put the kayak on the back of his ute and drive off.

“I guess he had other ideas about what Christmas spirit is all about.” Tony joked.

Because Tony didn’t want to hold up traffic any longer he continued on his journey. A few kilometres down the road, he saw the SUV minus one kayak pulled over on the side of the road.

“I guess someone must of told him he had lost part of his load and was going back to retrieve it. Unfortunately there’s nothing to go back for because it’s already gone.”

Tony says he is hoping the driver of the ute has taken the kayak to the police in a bid to get it back to the rightful owner.

“I’d like to think they guys is sharing the spirit of Christmas and will return the kayak. But I have my doubts," Tony jokes.


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