Road safety reminders for this week

Police are urging road safety refreshers before children return to school. Photo: Supplied.

Police are urging parents to take their children through a road safety rules refresher before the schools resume next week.

After a two month break from school some children are likely to have forgotten most of their knowledge on how to be safe on the roads, say police. And this, combined with their excitement about getting back to see their friends at school, means they will be less alert to the traffic dangers going on around them.

“Parents should sit down with their kids before they go back to school and emphasize the importance of following the basic road safety rules, especially if their child is planning to walk or bike to school on their own,” says District Road Policing Coordinator Inspector Tania Baron.

“If your child’s going to school on their own then you should help them to choose the safest route to get there and then take a practice walk or bike with them so they are familiar with the route and where the safest places to cross are.

“It is important to remind them that any time they are crossing the road they need to remember to stop, look and listen for any cars or cyclists before they step out.”

Other safety tips for walking or biking to school include:

  •   •  Young children should be accompanied by an adult, older child, or a buddy.

  •   •  Discuss the use of crosswalks, and why it’s safer to cross at some corners rather than others.

  •   •  Discuss the meaning of traffic signals and markings along the route.

  •   •  Teach them to cooperate with police, school safety patrols and adult crossing guards.

  •   •  Contact the school and see if there is a walking school bus available.

If not, look at setting up one yourself.

Motorists are also reminded to be vigilant when they are driving around school areas this week, particularly before and after school hours.

“When you’re driving around school zones or residential areas, remember to slow down and come to a complete stop at all intersections” says Tania.

“Keep your attention fully on the road and be alert for any children who may dart out in front of you unexpectedly”

Motorists can expect to see a number of Police staff out ensuring motorists adhere to the speed limits and the parking restrictions around school.

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