Killer road campaign

Tauranga police launch a new road safety campaign this weekend on one of the Western Bay’s most dangerous roads - State Highway 29 over the Kaimai Ranges.
The new Lifesaver Road Safety Billboards display ‘drive safe and save lives’, ‘watch for frosty roads’ and ‘drive safely in fog’ messages.

Police say 17 per cent of the Western Bay’s road accidents occur on SH 29 and are 66 per cent higher in winter.
The main cause of accidents on SH29 is speed, loss of control, slippery roads and poor weather conditions, say police.
Senior sergeant Ian Campion from the Western Bay of Plenty strategic traffic unit says drivers need to reduce speed in wet conditions.
“When travelling at 100 km/h on a dry road it takes a driver in a vehicle equipped with good brakes, almost 98 metres to stop. That’s almost the length of a football field. On a wet surface that distance doubles to 200 metres,” says Ian.
He says on frosty winter mornings drivers on State Highway 29 will experience both visible ice and black ice on the road.
“The triggers to look out for are white frost on the sides of the road or in adjoining paddocks, frost on the road surface and very low temperatures. 
Speeds need to be significantly reduced in these conditions. Slow down to at least 40 km/h if ice is likely to be on the road.”
His advice for driving on ice is to avoid erratic steering, braking adjustments and sudden braking.
“When braking, use a few soft braking application rather than jamming hard on the brakes, which could cause a loss of control,” says Ian.


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