Bay residents prefer a motorhome to a bach

A survey of more than 6000 New Zealanders has revealed people living in the Bay of Plenty prefer a motorhome to a bach, boat or nice car for their idyllic Kiwi holiday.

In fact, their choice was so clear more than double the number of respondents chose the motorhome over a bach, according to survey conductors, the RV Super Centre.

A new survey shows Bay residents prefer a motorhome to a bach for holidays.

“During the summer holidays, many Kiwis dream of owning a slice of the paradise they’re visiting,” says Grant Brady of THL, one of Australasia’s premier tourism companies.

“But the increasing costs and commitment of the holiday home dream are putting people off, with more Kiwis now turning towards a campervan or motorhome option.

“The Bay of Plenty is home to so many great caravan parks right on the beautiful coastline that it’s no wonder this region loves to road trip so much.”

The survey, conducted by the country’s largest seller of NZ-manufactured motorhomes, also shows Bay of Plenty road-trippers are often driven by a
male, with their most popular destination being Canterbury.

Meanwhile, those in Auckland, Waikato and Wellington often have a woman driver at the helm of the motorhome or campervan.

The survey results shows for people aged 45-plus, owning a motorhome is the preferred option above a nice car, a boat or a bach with 54 per cent wanting a campervan or motorhome above other options.

Two-thirds of respondents credited the ability to travel and sightsee whenever they want to be the biggest motivator to purchase.

And where would they go if their dream of motorhome ownership came true?

The survey shows 57 per cent of Kiwi women would choose a beach holiday, while 55 per cent of Kiwi men would choose a tramping holiday.

Unsurprisingly, under 25s prefer adventure holidays, and 25-44 year-olds will opt for a camping holiday.

A whopping 80 per cent, or more than three-quarters, of those aged 45-65-plus would choose a campervan or motorhome holiday above any other type of holiday.

“The baby boomers are certainly taking to the motorhome dream like no other generation,” says Brady.

“And with families often spread all over the country and less room for extended family to stay, the motorhome provides a flexible, homely and affordable option for these groups of people.”

And it’s not gender-biased; both Kiwi men and women share the dream to own a motorhome or campervan.

Forty-seven per cent of men and 53 per cent of women respondents list a motorhome/campervan as being the best way to see the country as the most appealing thing about owning one.

Plus 57 per cent of women respondents note reduced costs as a primary reason for owning a motorhome.

“The Bay of Plenty is one of the leading regions in terms of embracing a motorhome or campervan as a portable holiday home option,” says Grant.

“And the best thing is that they don’t have to worry about their holiday home when they’re not there, or keep up maintenance and it can double as a spare room should guests come to stay back at home.

“It’s a great option for Kiwis in the run up to the summer holidays.”


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