Scam highlights need for car caution

Getting a good deal on a new set of wheels can be cause for celebration, but be wary before handing over your cash.

Recent reports of two couples who were fleeced of $50,000 between them in separate, but nearly identical scams – one involving the fake sale of a campervan and the other a caravan – proves that caution must be applied when considering expensive vehicle purchases.

Photo: File.

The two couples were attracted by advertisements for the vehicles being sold urgently with a relatively low price attached. After making contact with the fake seller, they transferred funds to an offshore bank account without even seeing the vehicles. The vehicles were to be transported from Dunedin, but the fake seller then requested more money for insurance.

AA motoring advisor Cade Wilson says the two incidents highlight that there are duplicitous people willing to take advantage of others’ trust. Cade recommends getting a vehicle inspection prior to purchase, as it is a good tool to determine you’re getting what
you expect.

“If you must buy something sight unseen, then a pre purchase vehicle inspection is a good way to get peace of mind and it also proves the vehicle is in the hands of the seller you’re dealing with. If the seller is reluctant to allow access to the vehicle for an inspection, then walk away from the deal.”


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