Mid-air motocross mania

If the on-track action at the SunLive Baypark Speedway Demolition Derby doesn’t spin your wheels next Saturday, the mid-air motocross mania will make your night.

While Baypark Family Speedway is revving up for a gold ol’ dust up on April 9 – which will see an estimated 70-plus drivers take to the terracotta track and fly over demo ramps – that’s not the only flying that will be going on.

Some of the freestyle motocross action at last year’s SunLive Baypark Speedway Demolition Derby.
Nitro Circus’ Nick Franklin and up-and-coming Auckland rider Caleb De Lacy will be high in the sky – about 10m in fact – showing off their freestyle motocross talents.

Crusty Demons rider Luke Price is injured and “walking around in a moonboot” so he’ll be watching from the sidelines. But he reckons Nick and Caleb will provide a spectacular show.

Set up in the centre in-field, closer to the Western end, where most of the people congregate, Luke says the pair will perform flips and all sorts of antics on their bikes.
“What we do is a thing called freestyle motocross where we do massive jumps, perform backflips– and heaps of big tricks like being thrown off and around the bike mid-air.”
Luke built the ramp which riders take off from, which has a 23m gap.

“And where we land is a massive truck – the biggest and safest in the country – with a ramp which folds out eight metres wide by 3.5m high.

“She’s a pretty impressive rig.”

Luke says Caleb is an up-and-coming motocross rider.

“He’s a wicked natural rider – and so we’re getting him out there more and more.

“He’s what us old dogs are looking for in the sport.

“So with me being broken he’s our next best.”

Caleb says the audience will see a bunch of up-right tricks, consisting of hanging off the back of your bike, flips “and old school things that everyone can kind of relate to”.
“Then we do some more technical things such a double-grabs, backflips, variations of backflips and things like that.

“It will be an exciting show!”

Caleb says the adrenalin hit of freestyle motocross is addictive. He’s been doing it for eight years.

“Freestyle motocross is kind of like a self-achievement sport; basically every time you learn something you are just bettering your skills more and more.

“It’s a competition against yourself as opposed to against others.

“And you’re quite often scared – so you are always scaring yourself, which is quite cool.”

Caleb says the shows and the demo “are quite a good way of expressing yourself – and in front of a crowd, when everyone else is pumped, it makes you more pumped and you want to do bigger, better, more exciting stuff”.

The pair will also be signing autographs at the gate before they ride – and handing out giveaways during their demonstration.

And Caleb’s also entering the demo derby on the night too. So good luck Caleb – you’ll have to take on SunMedia’s finance manager Melanie Stone. Ouch!

The SunLive Baypark Demolition Derby is on April 9 at Baypark Family Speedway. Gates open 5pm.


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