Driving past the servo’s... quietly

Honda have jazzed up the Jazz to a whole new level – introducing the all-new Honda Jazz line-up, and just quietly it’s simply awesome!

The Honda Jazz e:HEV Luxe; a simple yet sophisticated piece of engineering that even I could get my head around. In basic terms it has an electric motor and a petrol motor, the electric motor is always working and is propped up by the efficient and eco-friendly 1.5ltr petrol motor when more power is required or when the batteries need charging.

The e:HEV Luxe variant is rated at 2.8L/100kms. This is very impressive fuel economy and realistically gives a range of approximately 1400kms of driving; all that for about $86 at today’s fuel prices.

So, what is it like?

Well, The e:HEV Luxe is a very practical vehicle and everything about it is not complicated and just seems to work, perfect! For the Doctor Who fans, when it comes to space in the vehicle the Jazz is a little like the TARDIS, it is small on the outside and can easily fit into small places, yet the inside is spacious and comfortable. Getting into the car is easy, as the doors open nice and wide, and there is plenty of headroom so you can get in and out of the car with ease, as opposed to having to be a contortionist!

The front seats are comfortable and have been designed with anti-fatiguing technology. The lounge style seating in the rear is impressive; you can configure these seats to the tune of 18 different ways to fit all sorts of things, big or small. Honda have waved a wand and appropriately named these ‘magic seats’.

The infotainment system is easy to navigate and it’s nice and easy to see what you’re doing on the screen. The connectivity features are what you would expect, with wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto, Bluetooth handsfree phone and audio streaming connectivity.

You can charge your devices in no time using the fast charge USB ports.

When in reverse, the rear camera and sensors will help guide you into all the tricky spots using audio and visual guides. Overall I found the system straight forward yet will do everything you ask of it.

The best way I can describe the drive is peaceful and easy. The cabin is quiet, even when the petrol motor is working or driving at highway speeds, the panoramic windscreen and ultrathin A pillars give you an almost uninterrupted view of the outside world, and the button configuration on the dash and steering wheel is very straight forward. Its pleasant.

Driving through tight, twisty corners was very stable and grounded coupled with Agile Handling Assist, the car soaked up the bumps very well.

Honda being Honda have definitely not taken any shortcuts on the safety, with features like Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control, Anti-Lock Braking System, with Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Lane Keep Assist System, Forward Collision Warning.

The one very cool feature that I personally like is Adaptive Cruise Control, set your speed using cruise control and the car will keep it’s self a certain set distance from the car in front, adapting it’s speed automatically, Brilliant!! There is an array of features in this little car that is designed to work away in the background keeping you safe.

Nice work Honda, I like what you’ve done; you haven’t lost that ‘Honda’ feel that we all know and love, and it’s proof that smart eco-friendly car that does everything doesn’t have to be complicated and difficult…because it’s not.

The are three models to choose from in the Jazz line up; starting at $28,000 + $800 for the Jazz Life, from $30,000 + $800 ORC for the funky looking Crosstar and the model tested range topper is e:HEV Luxe $35,000 + $800 ORC.

You can find them at Honda Store Tauranga, 326 Cameron Road, Tauranga.


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