Taking parking to the next level

Frustrating parking bug bears and dings could soon be an afterthought as Ford unveils a new automated parking technology.

Currently the Ford Focus Titanium and the Kuga Titanium are available in New Zealand with Active Park Assist, which semi-automatically parallel parks the car. The driver just operates the brakes and accelerator.

But Ford is now going further developing an entirely automated parking system - and not just for parallel parking.

The new automated technology takes out the everyday driving bug bears of tight spaces and awkward car parks by navigating itself into the tight spaces, cancelling out frustrating scrapes and dents.

Once activated the technology first finds a parking space and then maneuverers into it – the driver does not even have to be inside.

The Fully Assisted Parking Aid, is currently in the prototype phase and controls steering, gear selection, and forward and reverse motion to allow push-button parking.

Watch the video news release below:


For further sales information on the Ford Focus and Kuga contact:

Chris Frost at Ford Ultimate Motor Group, 150 Hewletts Rd, Mount Maunganui on 07 579 0180 and cfrost@umg.co.nz. Or visit www.umg.co.nz


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