The X factor

  I’ve got fond memories of the Suzuki Swift from a few years back.   Newspaper vehicle fleets are usually comprised of beat up vehicles with high mileage, suffering the effects of dozens of different drivers with varying theories...... Read More

Prowling around in the F-PACE

What does the Jaguar F-PACE and a game of golf have in common? Not much really, except it will look great in the carpark and everyone will definitely know you have arrived. However, I did kind of feel like I’d scored a hole in one when the request...... Read More

Taking it to the max’

If it weren’t for your gumboots, where would you be? Now, if I was an incompetent farmer and stepped out the door in a pair of wing tips, instead of red bands, I reckon I could still get a fair bit done in the Isuzu D-MAX. With the Shadow Kit...... Read More

BD Mazda CX-5 GSX review

Mazda has a saying; ‘Jinba-Ittai: Horse and rider as one’. Now, I’ve never actually ridden a horse but I jumped at the chance to try out the latest Mazda CX-5. There was no tutting of tongues or soothing words needed to break the...... Read More

Beauty and brains

I was full of nervous excitement when I arrived for my date with the new Peugeot 508 GT. This French fastback is soooo good looking. I wore my best shirt for the occasion but I might as well have worn a shopping bag. All eyes were on the 508 and her...... Read More

One for the fans

The Honda CR-V is one of those honest vehicles that has managed to attract a loyal fan base over the years. This is one of the most affordable SUV’s on the market, at just $33,990 + ORC. It’s roomy, safe and efficient. But none of these...... Read More

Head turning Honda

  We’ve all got a memory of that plain Jane or John who disappeared for a few years, reinvented themselves while they were away, and then suddenly reappeared as a totally different person.   Back in the 1990s, my mate had a Honda...... Read More

French flair, no fuss

    A strange thing happens when I’m enjoying a drive. Often it’s that song by Men Without Hats that appears out of the mist and starts playing in the brain. Sliding in behind the sporty little steering wheel of the Peugeot...... Read More

Plain sailing in style

Have you have ever wondered what the ‘RS’ means in the Honda range? Well, it means ‘road sailing’ and is applied to the company’s sportier looking vehicles. It’s about adding the glitz and glamour and some cool,...... Read More

Little green monster

  You might be forgiven for not knowing that there’s such a thing as a Suzuki Jimny. But this is about to change, and probably quite dramatically.   Suzuki’s understated workhorse has been reinvented, and their baby SUV has...... Read More